Neutral Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration

Neutral Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration - Heavenlybeds

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Neutral bedroom ideas and inspiration

Go Neutral

Elegant and uncomplicated, neutral bedrooms bring an element of an effortless class to the home. Simple without being plain, modest without being boring. Not only do neutral colour schemes create a calming environment, but they are also extremely space enhancing. So, for a cosy yet elegant bedroom why not opt for simple colours such as white, ivory, cream or grey. Earth tones can work in some cases too like sand, beige and brown.

Embrace minimalism

If your drawn to simple bedroom designs and cringe at the sight of clutter, then a minimalist design room might be the one for you. With backdrop of white walls and white ceilings, layer textures, such as cosy throws, sumptuous rug, rich velvets, and soft linen bedding as this will balance the hard surfaces and bring a tranquil vibe to your bedroom.

Home accessories

A new trend for decorative accessories in the bedroom is pieces made with resin, such as small trays, coasters, trinkets with added touches of neutral tones and pampas which can be used to display perfumes, jewellery and other pieces.

Another popular trend is floor standing mirrors. We all know social media and selfie taking has taken over, so floor standing mirrors are a must.

Choose relaxed furniture

The type of furniture you include can make or break a neutral bedroom. Remember to keep it consistent with matching bedroom furniture, and if doesn’t serve a purpose, you probably don’t need it. Less is more with a neutral bedroom.

Once you have decided on colour scheme, remember to stick with it. Using sleek surfaces and clean-cut shapes will create a well organized bedroom full of structure and carefully considered design elements and bed frames.

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