Choosing The Right Fabric & Colour For Your Bespoke Bed

Choosing The Right Fabric & Colour For Your Bespoke Bed - Heavenlybeds

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Before you can choose the best colours for your bedding, you need to decide what style of bedding you prefer. If you start shopping around for bedding by colour, you may end up with bedding that does not work with the style you choose. Knowing your style does not mean that you can’t incorporate your favourite colour in your bedding, infact you can add a pop of colour with an accent pillow, sheets, cushions or even a throw at the end of the bed.

Choose your fabric wisely

Here at Heavenlybeds we offer a range of fabrics in different colours. We also do fabric samples that can be requested from our website on

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Plush velvet

Plush velvet is a rich fabric that provides a smooth, luxurious feel to your bed. This material is extremely durable for residential upholstery in the UK. The rich colours of this fabric combines with its soft feel to create a luxurious bedroom centrepiece that blends with both traditional and contemporary décor style.

Plush velvet is also an easy to clean fabric specially designed to repel liquids, so you can maintain that wow look without maintenance.

Crushed velvet

Crushed velvet dates back to the ancient Egyptian times, where it was made from pure velvet cloth, which made it very expensive and difficult to acquire. Now its made from synthetic materials such as silk and nylon, which gives it the same signature look.

The crushed effect of this fabric is achieved by twisting the cloth whilst it is still wet, and mechanically pressing it during manufacture. The result is a shiny and sparkling appearance with a rich textured feel that adds a unique luxury to any bedroom.

Naples Fabric

The Naples upholstery fabric has a beautiful and sumptuous velvety texture which is elegantly made and finished to the highest quality, feeling like royalty with its glamorous touch. The super soft texture must be felt to be believed and is sure to create some showstopping bed frames.

Soft to the touch with a unique shimmer to it. The delicate plain velvet surface is a timeless addition to your décor.


Coniston fabric is a rich chenille with a delicate texture, providing excellent durability with low maintenance.

We have a selection of colors such as armour, charcoal, emerald and almond. This collection allows a Coniston bed frame to blend into any traditional or contemporary décor style.

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