Crushed Velvet Beds Are Still Setting The Trend

Crushed Velvet Beds Are Still Setting The Trend - Heavenlybeds

Cameron Smith |

Crushed velvet is a type of fabric that has been treated to create a distinctive textured look. The crushed effect is achieved by twisting the fabric when wet, followed by drying it. This process results in the characteristic shimmer and variations in colour that give crushed velvet its unique allure.

Although not as versatile as wood or metal, a crushed velvet is certainly more durable than many fabric beds and if maintained correctly can look fabulous for years to come.


Colour pallette

Whether you admire bold or muted tones, crushed velvet gives you endless options for customisation. It can be a favourite of anyone because of its availability in a vast range of colours.



You might be wrong if you think crushed velvet is fragile due to its opulence. It is a good choice for furniture and accessories because of its durability.


Instant glamour look

Want to elevate the glamour of your room instantly? Then crushed velvet is the secret. Its rich texture gives your room a dash of elegance and transforms it into a luxurious treat.

Easy to maintain

Crushed velvet is usually easy to maintain, it will age naturally and where you lie or touch your velvet bed’s headboard the pile may ruffle. So keep it looking glorious by giving your bed a regular light steam, vacuuming and do gentle brushing. This way your crushed velvet will keep looking its best.


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