5 ways to keep your fabric bed luxurious for a long time

5 ways to keep your fabric bed luxurious for a long time - Heavenlybeds

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Many people consider their beds as their favorite bedroom furniture. Beds provide a space to rest, dream and recharge after a tiring workday. If you want to go all out, purchasing a fabric bed can provide a luxurious sleeping experience. Many fabric beds also come with storage options like drawers which can store extra bedding and pillows. They can also be upholstered in various fabrics and colors allowing you to choose a style that fits your bedroom décor.

Vacuum it regularly!

Vacuuming your fabric bed regularly helps to remove dust and dirt that can build up over time and cause hard to remove stains to settle on your upholstery. Regular vacuuming also helps to prevent bed bugs from settling in your bed, which can trigger allergy symptoms.

Protect it with a mattress pad!

A mattress pad is a excellent way to protect your fabric bed from wear and tear. It provides a extra layer of protection. The benefits of a mattress pad are numerous. Not only does it provide extra protection for your fabric bed, but it also helps absorb moisture and keep it looking fresh. It also helps to keep your bed free from dirt and dust, which can cause allergies and other health problems. And it’s thin and lightweight.

Use a lint roller!

If you have pets, you can use a lint roller to remove pet hair from your fabric bed. Roll the lint roller over the fabric to remove any fur or hair. You can also use the lint roller for any sort of dust

Keep it out of direct sunlight!

We all love a bit of natural lighting in our homes. When there is enough light coming into your bedroom, it makes the room look more spacious and alive. It allows the colours of your interior and décor to stand out.

It can be tempting to let as much sunlight into the room as possible, but sunlight can cause the fabric to fade over time. To prevent this, consider where you place your bed in a room that receives plenty of natural lighting. If you have big windows in your bedroom, consider investing in some black-out curtains or blinds to keep the sunlight out.

Spot clean!

Fabric beds require regular maintenance and cleaning. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and it’s essential to act quickly if a stain or spill occurs. Spot cleaning is the best way to deal with stains on a fabric bed and the process is quite simple.

The first step is to determine the fabric your bed is made of. Once you’ve identified the fabric, you’ll want to choose a cleaning solution specifically designed for that type of fabric. This can be a store brought or homemade solution but be sure to test it on a small out-of-the-way area before using it on the actual stain.

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