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Storage Beds – All You Need To Know

Storage Beds – All You Need To Know - Heavenlybeds

Isabella Rosato |

In this guide we will take a dive into the world of storage beds and answer some popular questions we get. Below we have cascaded some of the most common questions customers ask when looking for a new bed with storage.

-What is an ottoman storage bed?

-What is the benefit of owning an ottoman storage bed?

-What types of ottoman storage beds are there?

-How much space do I benefit from with an ottoman bed?

-Is a divan bed with drawers better than an ottoman storage bed?

-Best bed for a small room?

-Is it difficult to lift the ottoman gas lift when the mattress is on top, or do I need to remove the mattress?


A divan bed is made up of two parts: a bespoke bed base and a matching mattress.
The bed base is crafted from a robust wooden frame beautifully dressed in a layer of soft wadding and then upholstered in fabric.


One of the key benefits of an ottoman bed remains the amount of storage space you have underneath the mattress. Because of its magic storage, an ottoman bed can offer you up to 40% more space in your bedroom than individual storage units, such as a chest of drawers.


There are several benefits of storage beds and if you’re interested to find out what they are then this is the guide for you. Storage beds have risen in popularity over the last few years and that is due to their improved aesthetics. Beds with storage used to be seen as practical but dull and not something you would have seen on your Instagram feed. However, bed manufacturers have responded to the fact that many people are desperate for more storage. In response they have worked very hard to bring you storage beds that look the part as well as being practical. Below outlines some benefits of storage beds.


It goes without saying that one of the benefits of storage beds is the increased amount of space you have for all your goods. The number one reason that people want a storage bed is for its practicality. The amount of extra storage you can get is dependent on the type of bed frames. If you’re just looking for extra drawers, then a divan with drawers makes sense. However, if you really want open space more like a wardrobe then an Ottoman bed is for you. Just imagine what you could hide away or keep in one of these!


If your bedroom is spaciously challenged, then storage beds are a great advantage.  These beds allow you to have a sleeping and storage area all within the same space. Without a doubt divan beds and ottoman beds can be a great addition especially in a child’s bedroom which is often smaller than a master bedroom. Many homes come with a box room where often there isn’t enough room for wardrobes and a bed, in this scenario an ottoman bed is perfect as it’s a 2in1 solution.


All our beds are designed so that any storage is easy to access. Afterall, it’s no good having that extra space if you’re struggling to access it! Our divan beds feature drawers on runners which makes them easy to open and close. Whilst our ottoman beds feature gas struts that makes lifting easy, no matter how heavy your mattress is.


In a bedroom with inadequate storage space, keeping your bedroom a mess and clutter free zone can feel extremely challenging. And a tidy bedroom can help you feel more organised and help you sleep better so therefore you should be aiming to achieve this. A storage bed offers that extra bit of space that can make the task that much easier.


Not only are our divan and ottoman beds super practical but they’re aesthetically good looking too. Bed manufacturers have woken up to the fact that beds need to look great as well as being practical. Therefore, if you are worried that you need to sacrifice on style for storage then think again! Whether it’s an oversized headboard or a bed you want with a retro vibe then we’ve got something for you.


Customers often ask us what base is better something that accommodates drawer storage or the gas lift ottoman. The question is how much storage space do you need? If you just want to store away some clothes or extra towels and need that bit of space, then divan drawers are perfect. If you are someone who needs that bit extra room because you own more shoes than a shoe shop, then a gas lift ottoman bed is for you. It is almost like two wardrobes worth of space for you to store anything you like.

If a storage bed is what you’re looking for then click on the link below to view our full collection Click here for divan & ottoman storage beds.

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