Master bedroom décor ideas and bedroom design styling

Master bedroom décor ideas and bedroom design styling - Heavenlybeds

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Out of all the spaces in your home, your bedroom is undoubtedly the most personal. It’s where you relax, sleep, or just read a book. So, it only makes sense for it to have the right colour palette and designs. Your bedroom must showcase your style perfectly and blend in with the overall aesthetics.


A theme for your master bedroom is a fantastic design hack. It makes a room and lends a tranquil vibe of selective use of colour and patterns. Neutral colours are certainly among the most popular. Whether you go with cream naple, cream plush or sand naple the result will be undeniably chic.


Light makes any room in the house feel larger and therefore is a great way to make a bedroom feel brighter, more welcoming, and more of an open space. During the night, you will want to keep the room as dark as possible to encourage deep sleep, however, make the most of any natural light during the day.  Utilising lamps and candles will create a cosier, more restful vibe in the evenings.

Highly contemporary

Now if you are one to keep up with the latest trends, contemporary designs might be your choice. As cold and sterile as the word may sound, contemporary can be inviting and sleek if combined with the right textures, colours and furniture. With our Hilton luxury upholstered bed frame and the distinctive headboard design, two pendant lights on either side of the bed pull all these elements together, making quite a statement!

A bed with a statement

Upgrade your master bedroom with some glamour and bring in a statement bed. Pick a bed that adds class to your bedroom reflects your taste and doesn’t compromise on your comfort. Our Lucy bed frame sure looks royal with the panelled upholstery finish. This bed would beautifully blend in with the rest of your space and is the biggest selling bed this year. If your taste is a little more modern and subdued, you can always pick a bed frame from our luxury collection.

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