Benefits of a Super King Bed?

Benefits of a Super King Bed? - Heavenlybeds

Isabella Rosato |

Whilst a super king size bed may seem like luxury, it could be the perfect and necessary solution for you to get the ultimate night’s sleep. Not only do super king beds give cramped couples more room to stretch out, but they also offer a whole range of health benefits and extra storage space too. After all, you spend almost half of your life in bed so you might as well give yourself the space you need. We all often have that question

What size bed should I purchase? Well, its simple, firstly its down to how many people are sleeping in the bed and secondly room space plays a key role. Our most popular size is 5ft King-size as these beds are just perfect for 2 sleepers and don’t take ample space in a master bedroom.

So lets dig into 6ft Superking Beds

Get a better night’s sleep

If you're serious about sleep and looking for exceptional comfort with plenty of room to play with, a super king size bed is the way to go. Say goodbye to restless legs and bedtime aches and pain as you can rest assure your body will have the space it needs to settle into the perfect sleeping position for a quality night’s sleep.

Perfect for partners

No matter how much you love them, we all know how irritating it can be to be woken up by your better half tossing and turning in the early hours. In fact, super king beds are that luxuriously big, you might even struggle to spot your beloved on the other side- dreamy! In all seriousness, a super king mattress can alleviate the motion of your partner’s movements during the night meaning you are much less likely to be rudely awakened by any nighttime fidgeting.

Improves blood flow

Sleeping in a bed with less space can often constrict blood flow due to you having to curl up and place extra pressure on your joints and body. As you have a greater area to properly stretch out in a king-size bed, there is a much lower possibility of you waking up with numbness or painful pins and needles.

Provides extra storage space

In need of more storage space? We’ve got just the thing, a range of Ottoman super king size storage beds. They are a unique combination of style and functionality, as the base can be raised to reveal an enormous storage area for keeping clothes, bedding or other bulky belongings.

Creates a stunning centerpiece in a large bedroom

A big bedroom deserves a big bed, sit’s a simple as that. Having a bed that’s in proportion to your large bedroom creates an inviting focal point that exudes comfort and warmth. Plus with our range of upholstered, crushed, plush and naples velvet super king bed frames, you can rest assure that your new bed will act as a spectacular centerpiece in your space.

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